EPIC Haiku Can Change Your Life

Did you Know?-

EPIC HAIKU Can Change Your Life!

As my first post-  I hope I can make your life easier.  This obviously is focused to EPIC users, but is worth knowing if you have not started using HAIKU.

If you haven’t heard, HAIKU is the APP which places EPIC on your smart phone!  Not only is it a Medical Record- but also a secure chat!

-Denver Surgeon:  “Haiku has been revolutionary in making my life easier”

Secure Chat:

My pager goes off and it is the Emergency Department again- but I just hung up the phone from the last consult call from them!   I was hoping to get started on discharging my next patient but now have to call the ED again.  (I am sure this has never happened to anyone.)

After 2 minutes on hold,  the Emergency physician answers to tell me the previous admission did receive one stent in the cath lab and will be admitted to the ICU.  That is all-  that is all the information which needed to be given.

Now lets do this again with “Secure Chat” from HAIKU.

Actual messages:                                    Haiku pictures chat                                      

Communication done while physician is simply walking down the hall!

Think of how many times you just hung up from a conversation and needed to just send one extra piece of information.  The answer is now here-  HAIKU Secure Chat.

How do you know they saw the message?  Either they respond or simply their initials show up under the message indicating the message was seen.

This is available on your phone now-  however it does take some communication with IT for installation.

So how do you get this APP?

At our facility we have to sign up with a Physician trainer as the phones need to be registered.  Every facility may be different- but be sure and ask your own trainer.

Let me see the Picture!

I am the Orthopedic doc on call with no immediate access to films-  good news is I am on Epic Haiku and the Emergency Department can send me the picture!


Radiology images cannot be seen in HAIKU, however secure pictures CAN  be sent through Secure Chat-

This is an actual picture of a monitor image sent through secure chat.   A great option if the consultant is at home without immediate access to Synapse!

Also works for wound pictures as well, securely sent, or better yet, can be securely downloaded into the chart.


Result Notifications:

One more feature-   I’m worried about that CT result on my 4th floor patient and I am tired of continually logging back into EPIC to see if the results are present.

Answer-  Notifications on testing. 

Bell notificationHave you ever noticed a small bell next to an Order you just placed?  It actually works.

Just hit the bell, and as soon as results are final, you will get this notification on your phone!  Now you are directed to the actual test results with 2 clicks. 

Yes, we are all tied to our computers and would love to spend more time with our patients, or even with our families.  Finally, we have a technology answer that can save you some time.

HAIKU has the following functions:

•       Secure Messaging “Secure Chat”

•       Notification of Lab and Imaging Results

•       Access Patient Lists

•       Limited Patient Chart

•       Surgeries and Appointments

•       Manage and Send InBasket Messages

Please be aware-  not everyone is on “Secure Chat” – so do not assume someone sees the message unless you get verification.   Also do not attempt to load the application yourself as your phone needs to be registered with IT for HIPAA compliant reasons.

Also, at our facility-  Secure Chat currently is located on the fixed computers-  but “ROVER” phones are being investigated for nursing in the near future.

For now- ALL physicians have access if you are an EPIC user, and this is proven to be a time saver and make your life easier-  which is part of my mission. 


Mark Elliott, MD, MBA

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