My Mission-  To have every patient glad I was their physician that day, to show gratitude, and to make things easier for both my home and work families.

After 30 years as an Emergency Physician, I have decided it was time to share my story and experience.  My history includes 24 years as a Emergency Department Director, Medical Staff President, practicing Emergency Physician, and CEO of a Physician practice support software company.

My goal is to use these posts to make life easier for providers.  

Feel free to add comments are ask for content as needed.


Mark Elliott, MD, MBA

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  1. Mark~ I am so excited to find this post! I am preparing the board meeting agenda for the Operation Walk Denver (Colorado Joint Replacement-Mission Trips at Porter) taking place tonight and plan on sharing one of your messages as the reflection. Thank you! I hope all is well with you, Carol and your family! Your history and experience is a rich and meaningful one! 😉

    Laura – Centura/Porter Hospital-Chief Development Officer
    (Heart of Hearts Gala)

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